At the end of last year, Apple AirPods took a quarter of the market of wireless headphones in the USA

As you know, Apple AirPods wireless headphones went on sale with a delay of two months in a limited batch. After they quickly sold out, headphones still not appeared on the Apple website. Moreover, the site unchanged for several weeks, provided the coveted six weeks in the form of an indicative timing of new supplies.

Anyway, if you believe the analysts Slice Intelligence, even the first batch was enough to last a month in 2016, immediately after the device on the market, AirPods accounted for 26% of all sales in the segment of wireless headphones in the United States.

It is also worth noting that in December, 75% of all headphones sold online was a wireless model, which indicates the growing popularity of these devices. By the way, in the U.S. in June, the wireless headphone could bypass sales wired so that in this country with the lack of 3.5 mm Jack in the smartphone not.

Returning to the statistics, 85% of buyers AirPods men. And that small percentage of women that have bought these headphones in General were older men.



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