At the beginning of next year, the company TCL will revive the Palm brand in the smartphone market

The company TCL is among the ten largest manufacturers of smartphones, however, outside China virtually unknown. But the producer owns the rights to the brand Alcatel, who is very well known in Europe and the CIS.

More recently, TCL manufactures and devices under the brand BlackBerry. Next year the company will revive one of the legendary brand. Talking about Palm. At a time when neither Android nor iOS not yet exist even in draft form, the company not only sold millions of ancestors of smartphones, which was then called droids, but was so popular that the brand name and line of devices has become a household name.

In 2014, the rights to the brand bought TCL, but only now the company seriously announced the return of the brand to the market. The representative of the Chinese giant has assured that already in the first quarter of next year will be announced Palm device. This is probably going to happen at one of the exhibitions.

No details, but the most likely seems the scenario of Android OS. Of course, it would be possible to return to webOS, which was once developed itself Palm, but for many reasons this is hardly feasible. The only representative of TCL said that the revived brand will be targeted at the younger generation that grew up in the days of Palm devices.



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