At CES 2017 will be presented for robot vacuum cleaner Samsung POWERbot VR7000

In early January in Las Vegas will host the largest exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2017. The company Samsung Electronics intends to show several new products, including new model robot vacuum cleaner POWERbot. It’s called VR7000.

According to the manufacturer, VR7000 is the lowest robot in the line of POWERbot. Its height is 97 mm, which is 28% smaller than the height of the previous model. A smaller height will help the robot to get into places where it is impossible to clean a conventional cleaner. As far as the minimum distance to the wall, which during cleaning is brush VR7000, it is equal to 15 mm. suction Power VR7000 declared equal to 20 watts. The width of the brush equal to 288 mm, is the largest among robotic vacuum cleaners brands. The presence of a unique cleaning system Self-Cleaning Brush System significantly reduces the amount of dust and lint getting stuck between the bristles.

Many advantages VR7000 associated with its sensors and control system, which generates a map of the space and provides obstacle avoidance. The system also adjusts the power depending on the type of surface. Of course, the robot supports IoT and control via mobile app. Moreover, due to compatibility with the Amazon Echo, a robot you can control with voice commands.

Source: Samsung Electronics



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