At CES 2017, is expected to announce the international version of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix in white color

In November, the company Xiaomi has said that she first go to the CES held in Las Vegas this week.

A few days before his speech, the company published a teaser image, which at first glance presents a collection of letters. However, at a closer look you can see the jumbled letters of the words Black and White.

We will remind, in October of this year, the frameless smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix so far available to a limited extent only in China and only in black embodiment, the ceramic body.

Despite its fragility, the smartphone has attracted more public attention, therefore, the announcement of the international version of Xiaomi Mi Mix at CES 2017 seems quite possible. In recent months, Xiaomi could start supplying components or choose a different case material. As for the white Xiaomi Mi Mix, the first photos of the device leaked online in November.



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