At CeBIT demonstrates 2017 3D printer Inno3D

Company Inno3D has brought to the exhibition CeBIT 2017 product in which, as in 3D maps, you can see the Association with the name of the company. However, if your 3D card to create a virtual three-dimensional objects, that 3D printer Inno3D S1 — is quite real.

In a 3D printer Inno3D S1 uses a technology called layer-by-layer fused deposition modeling. The nozzle diameter of the printing node is equal to 0.4 mm, vertical resolution and 0.13-0.3 mm. the Dimensions of the print area is 100 x 100 x 100 mm. as the consumables used PLA plastic.

The device can work without connecting to the computer. In this case, the job is written to the memory card.

The printer is around 775 euros. By the way, it is likely that this year 3D printers Inno3D will appear on the Russian shelves.

Source: Own correspondent iXBT in Hanover



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