Asustek will introduce a line of smartphones ZenFone 4 at the end of July

Asus is supposed to announce a range of smartphones ZenFone 4 in may of this year, however, the presentation had to be postponed midway through the year due to shortages of components.

CEO Jerry Shen (Jerry Shen) said that the announcement of the smartphone will take place in late July of this year. The reasons are design changes and improvements aimed at increasing efficiency.

The family of ZenFone 4 has to stand out from the competition attractive price, which will help the smartphone division of the company to improve its financial performance in the third quarter of this year. Jerry Shen added that the mobile division of the company shall suffer losses for the first half, but in the year to make a profit.

In the line of ZenFone 4 will be the first model with a diagonal display 5.5 inch for about $ 500. At MWC 2018, is expected to announce the ZenFone 5, as also reported by the head of the company.



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