Asustek will begin production of VR headsets in the third quarter of 2017

Not so long ago there appeared information that the company Asustek Computer this year will come to market VR headsets, introducing Asus AIO VR helmet, which does not require a smartphone or connecting to a PC.

DigiTimes reports that currently Asustek Computer selects component suppliers for this product. The most likely supplier of the displays will be Samsung Display, contract manufacturing will be done in Taiwan. Start of production of the VR headsets Asustek expected to commence in the third quarter of 2017.

The source adds that the demand for AMOLED panels from manufacturers headsets virtual reality continues to grow. Such displays benefit from LCD panels in terms of thickness and power consumption.

This led to the fact that the price of the AMOLED panel with the beginning of the year has had time to grow, and the market there is a certain deficit.



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