Asustek notebook shipments are declining, and the profit remains stable

According to sources from the supply chain, the company Asustek Computer has shipped in the first quarter of 4.2 million laptops.

The manufacturer shifts the focus towards models that bring baboutbig profit, in particular, we are talking about transformers, the line of ZenBook laptops and gaming.

Most new laptops Asustek falls into the category of expensive devices, so the number of budget models in the range manufacturer in recent quarters have significantly decreased. This is reflected in the volumes of supply, however, due to the increase in average prices of sold devices, the company’s financial performance is not deteriorated.

In 2014, the company shipped 20.3 million notebooks in 2015, exports dropped to 19 million units, and last dropped a million pieces. The company’s profit is not changed, a strategy is Asustek has the right to life.

In the category of consumer products Asustek feels good, but in the corporate segment of the company is difficult to compete with Lenovo, HP and Dell.



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