Asus, Philips and Pioneer are in violation of the Antimonopoly legislation of the EU

The European Commission announced the initiation of an investigation of facts of violation of Antimonopoly legislation. Another investigation will be conducted in three directions and will affect many companies.

Among others we are interested in Asus, Philips and Pioneer. They appear as suspects in the direction of «consumer electronics». Companies are accused of price gouging. More specifically, producers were not given for online retailers to set their own prices for products. This applies to household appliances, and laptops, and wireless equipment.

The situation is complicated by the fact that many online stores use software that automatically adjusts prices to the major players in the market, so that the pressure of impact not only to sell their own products, but also on the work of online shopping in General.

The two remaining areas of investigation relate to video games and hotel business.

, Pioneer


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