Asus most models of the GeForce GT 1030 have active cooling

Asus has released three GeForce GT 1030. Unlike many other manufacturers, Asus only one model is a passive low profile card.

This model runs at slightly higher frequencies GPU: 1266/1506 MHz, but it is in the case of the profile activation OC Mode. Memory 2 GB works on standard frequency of 6000 MHz. Set of ports includes DVI and HDMI.

The other two models (Phoenix 1030 GeForce GT OC and GeForce GT Phoenix 1030) made on the PCB of a typical format and is equipped with active coolers with a sufficiently large, in comparison with many other options GT 1030, fans.

They differ only frequency of a kernel. In the first case it 1278/1531 MHz, and the second 1266/1506 MHz. Again the memory is not overclocked. Ports set the same as the passive version.

GeForce GT 1030
, Asus


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