Asus introduced two Radeon RX 470 with the ability to connect fans

Asus also did not remain aloof from the issue cards AMD Radeon RX 470, presenting two models in the line Strix. Their distinguishing feature is the control algorithm of the cooler, disconnect the fan at low load on the GPU. Two heat pipes are in direct contact with the GPU surface thanks to the optimized shape of the blades of the two fans create increased airflow with reduced noise. The innovation can be called a free four-pin connector for the case fan. It will adjust the rpm depending on the GPU temperature, adjusting to one of the «hottest» nodes in a PC game.

Maps in this series are collected on a fully automated line, which reduces the likelihood of marriage. The power supply system works according to the scheme 5+1 and is characterized by lower losses and heating, as well as extended life with the solid state capacitors. The use of tantalum capacitors improves the overclocking potential of the GPU, coils emit a little noise under different loads. Not forgotten and custom multi-colored led lights, located under the logo Strix between the two fans.

Frequency standard cards reach the 1226 and 6600 MHz for the GPU and RAM respectively, the frequency of the GPU overclocked version up to 1270 MHz. On the mounting bracket, two port DVI-D, one HDMI 2.0 and one DisplayPort. Sales of the new products has already begun.



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