Asus Hyper M. 2 Card x16 — PCIe for connection of four SSD and create RAID 0. For RAID 1 and RAID 5 have to buy the key

At Computex Asus showed a Hyper M. 2 device x16 Card, which together can be called new Intel. Hyper M. 2 x16 graphics Card is an expansion card with a PCIe interface, which has four connectors for plugging in the SSD format M. 2.

It is used to create RAID arrays. As for the new Intel, the bottom line is that this device supports Intel VROC (Virtual RAID on CPU) is a software implementation of RAID. This is a new technology and while it will be supported solely by the processors Skylake-X (on supporting Kaby Lake-X data are not available yet) and chipsets X299. Moreover, the Hyper M. 2 x16 Card can be used only SSDs from Intel.

The device has an interesting feature. By default, when you install drives mode RAID 0. You can use other, but it will have to pay separately. Moreover, to avoid hacking attempts ON the Intel (or Asus) has implemented this feature physically. In order to use RAID 1 or RAID 5, you need to purchase a special key and insert it into the appropriate SATA connector on the system Board. Key for RAID 1, according to rumors, will have to pay around 85-100 dollars, and a key for RAID 5 will ask for about $ 250-300.

The rest can be note the presence of the fan which can be turned off, and four LEDs informing about the work of the SSD.



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