Asus brings the launch date of the smartphone ZenFone 4 for lack of components

Asus announced the ZenFone range of smartphones 3 in may last year, but in the sale they appeared much later (in the fall). Rumors pointed to the fact that the new generation will again present in may. According to new data, previously Asus was going to start selling in the fall not and in a short time after the announcement.

But the start of sales is again delayed. This time because of a shortage of components for the production of new products. The source reports that the launch of the ZenFone series 4 moved to the middle of this year due to the lack of displays and DRAM memory.

When exactly to expect at least the announcement is unknown. As for parameters, while a only data from GFXBench, but given the delay, they may be out of date.

By the way, this is the first confirmed fact of the serious impact of the shortage of LCD panels and memory chips for manufacturers of smartphones, which was known last year.



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