Asus adjusts strategy in the tablet market

As you know, the tablet market in 2016 decreased by 6.6%. The company Asustek Computer, which occupies the seventh place in ranking of suppliers with 2.2% of global supply volume, adjusts the strategy in this market. This was reported by a source, citing the words of the General Director of Asus Jerry Shen (Jerry Shen).

Correction is to reduce the number of models developed, reducing the number of foreign markets, which are offered tablets Asus, and the transfer of the employees working on tablets (currently about 1000), in the division specializing in smart phones and headsets, virtual and augmented reality. These changes the company has begun in mid-2016 and will be completed in mid-2017.

The focus will be on models of medium and high class, the price of which exceeds $320. For the year the manufacturer plans to ship at least 3 million tablets, making the direction of a profitable third quarter. For comparison: in 2013, the company shipped 12.1 million tablets in 2014 and 9.4 million in 2015 — 5.9 million, in 2016 — 3.3 million

Source: Digitimes



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