Assessment DigiTimes, AMOLED displays will occupy 53% of the smartphone market by 2021

Experts DigiTimes Research has published its latest forecast for the AMOLED displays, stating that by 2021 they will dominate the smartphone market.

The supply of AMOLED displays for smartphones is expected to grow from 370 million units last year to 452 million units in the current. By 2021, they must be 1.127 billion pieces. The share of AMOLED in the smartphone market will reach 27.6% this year and 53% in 2021.

Smartphone manufacturers, except Samsung Electronics, are concerned about the dominance of Samsung Display on the market AMOLED. However, Chinese manufacturers are actively increasing capacity and adopt new technologies, however, their share is tiny.

Analysts also see great potential in using it in virtual reality devices, as they have faster response time and higher contrast. In addition, it is believed that it has a high chance of appearing in premium smart watches.


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