ASRock prepares four motherboard on chipset Intel X299 and one AMD X399

According to the source, in one of the documents posted on the FTP website, ASRock managed to notice a few not yet formally introduced products. And we are talking about models on all new chipsets of Intel and AMD – X299 and X399, respectively. And if the first mentioned lot, until recently, confirmation of the actual existence of AMD X399 was not.

Now, it turns out there is. At least we can say that ASRock is preparing a motherboard X399 Professional Gaming AMD X399 – the novelty will include a line of Fatal1ty gaming solutions. The peculiarity of this model will be the wired network adapter Aquantia, which provides data transfer rate up to 10 Gbit/S. In several of their flagship motherboards (e.g., Z270 SuperCarrier and X370 Fatal1ty Professional Gaming) the company already offers pathiratne adapters of the same Aquantia, but in X399 Professional Gaming, obviously, will be the next step.

As for the Intel platform Basin Falls, the main element of which is an X299 chipset, ASRock will offer four models: X299 Fatal1ty Professional Gaming i9, X299 Fatal1ty Professional Gaming i7, K6 and Gaming X299 X299 Taichi. They will all be aimed at enthusiasts.

And for those who are going to build a compact system based on AMD Ryzen, ASRock will offer a couple of new models standard size Mini-ITX: X370 Gaming-ITX/ac and AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac. Judging by the title, they will have built-in wireless adapter.

Sources: ASRock



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