As single system Microchip microcontroller R30 SAM on the ARM Cortex-M0+ is combined with the radio frequency unit of the IEEE 802.15.4

Focusing on the needs of designers of consumer and industrial devices in the Internet of things, Microchip has introduced odnostolpnoy system (SiP) R30 SAM. In the configuration of the SiP SAM R30 comes with a microcontroller and RF unit. The advantages of SAM R30 manufacturer considers the small sizes and extremely low power consumption. As stated, solutions based on Microchip R30 SAM will be able to operate without battery replacement for several years.

Microcontroller the ARM Cortex-M0+ supports sleep modes from which it can be withdrawn by the signal applied to the serial interface or a GPIO. In sleep mode the current consumption is 500.

RF unit corresponding to the IEEE 802.15.4 operates in the range 769-935 MHz. It is possible to connect in «point to point» or as part of a network star or mesh topology.

To accelerate the development of new SiP and prototyping, the manufacturer offers a cost for developers ATSAMR30-XPRO supported in Atmel Studio 7 Software Development Kit (SDK).

Monohull system SAM R30 available in packages QFN32 (this is called ATSAMR30E18) and-QFN48 (ATSAMR30G18), the wholesale price is $4.11 and of $4.26 per share, respectively. Fee ATSAMR30-XPRO costs $65.

Source: Microchip Technology



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