As part of a pilot program Apple gave the three service centers of their calibration machine and the right to repair smartphones

Just a couple of weeks ago we reported that Apple and other large US companies are actively trying to oppose the adoption of the «fair repair». Recall the law, if adopted, would require manufacturers to sell spare parts and service kits to independent workshops and to simple users.

Despite the fact that Apple opposes such a law, it became known that the company launched a pilot program in which it transfers its calibration apparatuses of the three authorized service centers in the United States. The calibrating machine is needed in order to verify that all completed repairs comply with Apple’s standards.

While it is known that one of the partners copertina this program has become the service ComputerCare. The company decided to strengthen the effect of their participation in the program and offers business customers in the Bay area San Francisco, free shipping.

Quite possibly, if the pilot program is successful, Apple will expand its already ongoing initiatives and add new partners that only benefit the consumers.



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