As it turned out, opinion of smartphones Galaxy Note7 not hurt the image of Samsung in the United States

Fears that the withdrawal of smartphones Galaxy Note7 in connection with the fire will negatively affect the perception of Samsung products in the United States, were in vain. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by Reuters/Ipsos.

A survey conducted from 26 October to 9 November, showed that Samsung smartphone users loyal to their chosen brand in the same degree as those who chose an Apple iPhone. Among those who already use Samsung products, 91% believe the most likely the purchase of a Samsung smartphone, and 92% other products Samsung. In the Apple camp, these figures are 92% and 89%, respectively.

It is noteworthy that interest in Samsung smartphones is even higher from those who know about the recall. Among them, 27% intend to buy the next smartphone in the first place to consider the Samsung model. Among those who did not know about the recall, to start with models Samsung ready 25%.

These data confirm message Samsung that buyers return Note7 smartphones, are usually acquired to replace another unit of the company.

In a survey conducted in all 50 States, participated 2375 owners of Samsung smartphones and 3158 of the owners of smartphones Apple.

Source: Reuters

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