As conceived by ITC, a consortium Xccela will promote the eponymous high-speed interface

Last autumn, the company Micron Technology has introduced flash memory Micron XTRMFlash, high performance and equipped with high-speed interface.

In ITC had hoped that the memory XTRMFlash and the corresponding interface will be adopted by the industry as open standards. Apparently, success in this way turned out to be more modest than expected, so the manufacturer decided to increase the efforts. First and foremost, the development was given a new name — Xccela. In addition, this week the company Micron announced the creation of a consortium Xccela. As conceived by Micron, it will promote high-speed interface Xccela Bus.

The first members of the Association, in addition to ITC, the company Winbond Electronics, and GigaDevice Semiconductor Memory Technology AP. By the way, the company Winbond Electronics a year ago, first signed the agreement, which gave her the opportunity to develop products that support XTRMFlash. The consortium members aim to create new memory chips Xccela, controllers, application specific integrated circuits and single-chip systems that support Xccela Bus. The consortium is open to new members.

Recall the advantages Xccela Bus applies a small number of active lines (11) and high-speed data transmission (up to 400 MB/s).

Source: Micron



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