Artificial iris that changes the diameter of the pupil in response to light

As you know, the human eye regulates the amount of light reaching the retina by changing the pupil diameter. This action occurs reflexively the iris.

Automatically change the diameter of the aperture can camera lenses, but they do it not themselves, and command the camera, taking into account the indications of the exposure meter. Scientists from the technological University of Tampere (Finland) has created an artificial iris, «reflex» changing the diameter of the pupil under the action of light.

The secret of development is to use light-sensitive elastomer based on liquid crystals. With the help of special technology of liquid crystal molecules aligned in a certain direction with a precision of a few PM. Under the action of light is reversible deformation, the magnitude of which is proportional to the light flux, causing the hole increases or decreases.

In the future, the researchers hope to create an implant, but is far from it. First, to increase the sensitivity of the product to enable it to respond to small changes of illumination and to adapt it for use in a liquid medium.

Source: Engadget


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