Artificial intelligence will allow to double the rate of economic growth in developed countries, analysts say Accenture

Experts of the analytical company Accenture conducted a study and gave this forecast: the introduction of artificial intelligence technology (AI) by 2035 will double the pace of economic growth in developed countries, changing the nature of work and building up new relationships between man and machine. It is expected that AI will increase the productivity by 40%, fundamentally by improving the work and increasing the human role in business development.

According to analysts, the development of AI will have an effect similar to that observed at the end of the last century, during the rapid computerization.

Experts have modeled the impact of AI on 12 developed countries, which together account for more than half of the world economy. The chart shows the projected growth rates excluding AI (rose) and AI (red).

The introduction of AI will help people to more effectively manage the time, focusing more on creative activities. It is assumed that AI will cope with such problems as the ageing population and reduction in the working part of society.

Source: Accenture


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