Artificial intelligence helps Google to keep balloons in a given area

As you know, Google is developing project Loon, which is for the provision of Internet access in remote locations serve balloons. Technically, this ball is able to stay in the air for a few months, but for obvious reasons it is desirable that he was in a certain area. Share this it is necessary to consider the direction of air flow, and constantly adjust the height. The project website has published an article which described that to solve this problem the balls helps artificial intelligence.

The program is built on the principles of machine learning, was able to hold a trial balloon in the center of the Peruvian coast during 98 days. For this ball I had to constantly maneuver: total height correction was performed almost 20,000 times.

The application of artificial intelligence, making predictions and updating their knowledge with regard to the actual development of events, will not only provide a stable connection, but also reduce costs. The more precisely the ball is held in a certain area, the less balloons you need for guaranteed coverage. In other words, you can either increase the coverage for the same number of balls or decrease the number of balls, retaining the coating.

Source: Google



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