Arrays Violin Memory is used and 7650 7450 all-flash

Company Violin Memory has introduced two solutions for a new generation, which is built on a proprietary platform Flash Storage Platform (FSP). Arrays of FSP 7450 and 7650 that use only flash drives. According to the manufacturer, it offers the only storage platform to flash-based drives, which is closely integrated services available in all areas under one operating system.

Applications of FSP 7650 assigned critical database applications and working with big data and FSP 7450 manufacturer sees the composition visualisierung environments and systems designed for cloud computing. Model FSP 7650 demonstrates a delay of 0.2 MS with a capacity of 1 million IOPS. It is five times better than the accepted industry values 1 MS, with 1 million IOPS. In applications where the acceptable delay is 1 MS, the array 7650 FSP can provide the performance to 2 million IOPS. The performance of model FSP 7450 is 340 000 IOPS at 1 MS latency. Both arrays support encryption FIPS-140-2 Level 2 AES 256 XTS.

The unit cost of storage is 0.6 USD per 1 GB. Due to high scalability, the array may have a capacity of from 8.8 TB to 140 TB. Maximum power input — 1800 watts.

Source: Violin Memory


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