ARM unveiled the expansion of Scalable Vector Extension to architecture ARMv8-A

The company ARM Holdings, encouraged by the victory over Intel in the mobile single chip systems, decided to fight the processor giant on one of its major markets — server.

The company presented the update of the architecture ARMv8-A, which is called Scalable Vector Extension (SVE). SVE can be called an extension of the existing architecture. And it is intended to create server-side solutions.

Unlike the ARMv7 Advanced SIMD (Neon), with which the developers had to specify the length of the vector register (128 bits), SVE enables you to choose the most appropriate in this situation, the length from 128 to 2048 bits in increments of 128 bits. SVE also supports the programming model of vector-length agnostic (VLA) to adapt to the existing length of the vector.

ARM focuses on the fact that there are no software optimizations for new instruction sets are not required, because all will meet the hardware task scheduler. Update architecture targeted at high performance data processing systems.

In particular, Fujitsu has already announced its intention to create on the basis of processors enabled the supercomputer SVE Post-Riken K by 2020.



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