ARM transferred the platform of physical IP-cores Artisan on the norms of 7 nm

The company ARM announced the availability for licensing of physical IP cores of the platform Artisan, designed for 7-nanometer process technology TSMC FinFET (7FF). These fundamental blocks allow you to link the scheme with SoC capabilities and features of the process. In other words, the SoC designer gets the opportunity to use the potential of a more subtle process, abstracting from the related to design in the calculation of his difficulties.

The developer notes that new regulations have created a new memory compilers to get a more homogeneous topology, and also changed the design of power circuits, allowing to minimize the power loss and die area.

Access to the latest CPU and GPU allows ARM to check your work on real samples and proactively resolve identified problems.

The new platform has already been licensed a long-standing partner of ARM, the company Xilinx.

Source: ARM



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