ARM stated that all interested companies will be able to produce system on a chip for PC

Last month very unexpectedly, we learned that a single-chip system Snapdragon 835 will allow you to run Windows 10. Hardly the first time this feature will be particularly useful, but it opens up prospects for the emergence of truly universal device. That is an ordinary smartphone with such SoC and two operating systems can connect to the monitor, the keyboard and mouse and get a full PC. However, the Google dual operating systems earlier was negative, but things are changing.

Anyway, all of these features during the presentation were tied to the SoC Snapdragon 835, although the demo unit was equipped with the Snapdragon 820. One might think that the only solution Qualcomm allow you to create PCs with single-chip systems the ARM architecture.

New data suggest that it is not. The source claims that ARM will offer the appropriate licenses to all comers. That is, a single-chip system capable of running Windows 10 and x86 application, in particular, will be able to create all of the SoC developers, including Samsung, Huawei, MediaTek and others. And competition, as we know, only into the hands of consumers.

By the way, this is also an opportunity for Apple, which, if you believe the rumors, wanted some go for their own SoC with Intel where possible.



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