ARM DynamIQ will create a computing clusters, consisting of totally different processor cores

The company ARM today announced a technology DynamIQ. According to the ARM, DynamIQ is a monumental shift in the multi-core architecture for the industry. Also is the basis of future processors Cortex-A. simply put, in the near future, this technology will become as common as common system on a chip the ARM architecture.

If more accurate and easier DynamIQ is the development of the technology big.LITTLE. We will remind, the big.LITTLE that appeared in 2011, has allowed developers of single-chip systems to create processors from multiple clusters. Some of them could consist of energy-efficient cores (e.g. Cortex-A53), and some include high (for example, Cortex-A73).

Technology DynamIQ allows you to create clusters, and includes completely different processor cores. That is, the processor may include one, two or more clusters which will contain a number of different processor cores. For example, one cluster will include two Cortex-A73, five cores Cortex-A53 and any additional Cortex-M0. The flexibility of the technology allows developers to create clusters that will be better optimized for certain tasks. Only one cluster can enter eight different cores. ARM calls this approach «the right processor for the right task».

ARM notes the benefits of such technologies when building solutions for the automotive segment, work with artificial intelligence systems and so on. For example, ARM claims that the new technology will help increase performance computational capabilities of the AI to 50 times in the next three to five years. But in fact, the flexibility provided by DynamIQ, will be useful in almost any task.

Unfortunately, it is not known when DynamIQ will be implemented in a serial one-chip systems.



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