Arcade machines help to develop the VR industry

Over the past year, the hype around virtual reality devices have died down, but this does not mean that the industry ceased to develop. According to analysts, the industry of virtual and augmented realities will continue to grow strongly over the next few years, and the market will appear more technologically advanced and affordable device.

The head of the company JPW International Technology Jack Tong (Jack Tong) said that to develop the industry is very help arcade machines and the corresponding VR-content. Arcade will serve as a platform for continuous optimization of hardware devices, software, and a tool for its championship games in virtual reality. This business model, according to JPW International Technology, has very good prospects.

JPW International Technology plans at the end of this year to sponsor the big championship games in virtual reality. Jack Tong sure arcade virtual reality can make a significant change to the entertainment industry.



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