Ara — first toothbrush with an artificial intelligence

The use of the Internet of things and artificial intelligence will eventually become commonplace, so will not require separate mention in the description of the electronic device, while manufacturers can not deny yourself the opportunity to show off a fashionable term.

According to the company Kolibree, she managed to make the first toothbrush with an artificial intelligence. The announcement was made at CES 2017. It is called Ara.

In the brush embedded processor with low power consumption, and embedded software implemented «patented algorithms deep learning». Processing data received from sensors, the system learns the user’s habits concerning oral hygiene, and shares the received data with the mobile device connected via Bluetooth LE 4.0. The app generates recommendations on how to better clean the teeth. Of course, the brush can also be used in standalone mode, without the application.

The brush uses the vibration of the bristles with the sound frequency. Brush weighs 70 g. It runs without recharging for two weeks. Price Ara — $129.

Source: Kolibree


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