Aqua Computer releases water block for 3D-card Nvidia Titan X (Pascal)

German company Aqua Computer has introduced a water block kryographics Pascal, designed for 3D-card Nvidia Titan X on the architecture of Pascal. As can be seen in the illustrations, it belongs to the category g with full cover, removing heat not only from the GPU, but also from the memory chips and voltage regulators subsystem power.

The base of the waterblock is made by milling from copper plates with a thickness of 10 mm. adjacent to the GPU area formed microchannels. The surface adjacent to the chip, polished for better thermal contact. The cover material of the block is clear or smoked acrylic plastic. The waterblock is equipped with port holes with standard G1/4. In computers with multiple cards in SLI configuration, it can be replaced by a special port for direct connection of the chassis in the same cooling system.

Approximately two weeks later the manufacturer promises to add a variant with Nickel-plated base and metal plate to install on the back side of the PCB. In addition, the development is a variant of the plate heat pipe.

The basic version of the waterblock Aqua Computer kryographics Pascal is about 100 euros. Nickel plated will cost about 115 euros. Reinforcement plate valued at 25 euros, and its variant with the heat pipe 40 euros.

Source: Aqua Computer



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