APU AMD Gray Hawk, produced by Globalfoundries on 7-nanometer FinFET technology will be available in 2019

According to the source, in 2019 the market will be AMD under the name of Gray Hawk. They will produce Globalfoundries using 7-nanometer technology FinFET. Configuration APU AMD Gray Hawk will include up to four cores Zen+, able to execute up to eight threads. Power consumption will not exceed 10 watts. The graphic component will be the GPU, Navi.

Processors, Gray Hawk will replace the processors of Raven Ridge, designed to produce 14-nanometer technology, which should appear on the market in the middle of next year. A family of new APU will include models for different segments: desktop PCs, laptops, gaming machines, embedded systems, information displays, medical equipment and industrial control system.

Simultaneously with the Gray Hawk will be released a Titanic Starship AMD processor with 48 cores, able to perform up to 96 parallel streams. This processor without an integrated GPU will be focused on data centers and supercomputers. AMD Starship will be the successor of the server processor AMD Naples with the number of cores up to 32.

Source: Wccftech

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