Apteligent report shows that Motorola faster updating its smartphones to Android 6.0

In the famous confrontation between fans of iOS and Android on the side the first has always been a strong argument updates. For all smartphones iPhone they are available immediately after the release, if we’re talking about supported models. In the case of Android it’s different. Updates to occur for a particular device depends on the smartphone manufacturers, and often also from operators. As a result, the share of Android 6.0 on the eve of the release of the seventh version has not even reached 15%.

Buying a new smartphone, it is possible with some confidence to predict how long it will have to wait for updates when it will be released. For example, referring to statistics.

A new batch of statistics Apteligent suggests that on average the first update get smartphones Motorola/Moto. Of course, we are not considering Nexus devices, because they stand out. It is also worth noting that the statistics valid for the US market.

So, the graph represents the speed of the transition smartphone of the company running the Android OS 6.0. The leader, as already mentioned, is Motorola. In second place is LG, and HTC rounded out the top three. Sony, Samsung and ZTE cases with updates made things worse.

If we talk about stability, the least number of faults were recorded at the Sony devices. But in General, if you don’t count ZTE, all manufacturers it’s pretty good.

By the way, the report is one interesting nuance. According to these data, Russia — the market with the strongest fragmentation of devices with Android. In second place is Ukraine.



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