Appreciated Samsung smart watch Gear Sport $ 300 and headphone Gear IconX 2018 — $ 200

In late summer Samsung introduced several new products, among which were sports smart watch Gear Sport headphones and wireless Gear IconX second generation.

However, Samsung has not named a launch date for the sales of these devices, nor their prices. To rectify the situation, the Korean giant has decided only now.

So, pre-orders for both models in the US open today, but deliveries will start on October 27. The value of hours — $ 300 and over headset Gear IconX 2018 asking $ 200. In both cases, it is somewhat more expensive than the average price of similar devices on the market. Even the Apple Watch and the AirPods are less true in the case of hours it will be the first generation model. It is also worth noting that while there is no data about the start of sales of these products in other countries.



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