Applications now open for early access to intelligent platform of virtual reality Holodeck Nvidia

In the event GTC Europe in Munich, the company Nvidia announced the beginning of acceptance of applications from those wishing to get early access to Nvidia Holodeck — intelligent platform of virtual reality for developers.

According to Nvidia, this platform allows designers, developers, and customers located in different parts of the world, to work together, creating and analyzing projects in a «physically correct virtual environment high realism».

Allegedly, photorealism and immersive stimulate creativity, allowing a better understanding of the scene or model. In addition, they simplify the analysis process and eliminate the need for creating a physical prototype. Not accidentally, the Holodeck is already being used as a testing ground for modules AI, trained using the simulator Nvidia Isaac.

Plans include the addition of a Holodeck in support of deep learning algorithms in a virtual environment. It is expected that this will attract the AI learning, simulation, content creation and elaboration of new ideas.



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