Appliances Whirlpool 6th Sense Live support service IFTTT

Whirlpool has announced a partnership with IFTTT, a manufacturer of software based on cloud technology which gives the ability to associate between different devices, applications and services, organizing their interaction. Support for IFTTT appeared in the household appliances line of Whirlpool 6th Sense Live: a washing and drying machine SupremeCare, the Supreme NoFrost refrigerator Dual Combi and dishwasher Powerdry. These devices are connected to a Wi-Fi network and are controlled using a mobile app.

Thanks to IFTTT, a specific condition in one of the remotely controlled devices leads to the activation of the action in the other. Rules or «recipes» as IFTTT calls them, allow you to connect mobile devices, appliances and other home automation components. In a single interface available as appliances Whirlpool 6th Sense Live, and hundreds of other remotely controlled devices that support IFTTT. Because of this, the user may receive notifications, for example, unclosed the door of the refrigerator or when your Laundry is finished; the light will turn on automatically when the location of the smartphone say about the POI that the user is approaching the house; the devices will go into power-saving mode, when the user goes on vacation. These and other, at first glance, minor improvements to make the home appliances more relevant to the needs of the user, relieving him of some routine operations, while reducing energy consumption.

Source: Whirlpool


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