Apple’s also moving to fully renewable energy

Earlier this year Greenpeace published the results of another study, for the third time in a row Apple award of the title of the most «green» company. In the foreseeable future, Apple will completely switch to renewable sources of energy, her example is followed by other companies.

As it became known that the company Compal Electronics, Sunwoda Electronic and Biel Crystal Manufactory, which are the suppliers of Apple have already announced that they will exclusively use energy from renewable sources in the production of components for the iPhone. Information in an interview with Bloomberg voiced by Lisa Jackson (Lisa Jackson), Apple’s Vice President responsible for environmental initiatives. Has also been named four suppliers, which in future plan to use more green energy: Lens Technology, Solvay Specialty Polymers, Catcher Technology and Ibiden.

According to Bloomberg, today 96% of the energy Apple takes from renewable sources, in 26 countries division of the company was entirely on such sources.

Previously, Apple said that it and its partners-suppliers in the next year will generate more than 2.5 billion kWh of energy.



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