Apple won’t release a new model of the iPad mini

The first model of the iPad mini was introduced by Apple in 2012. Significantly less in comparison with a great iPad, it attracted many who were important small size and weight.

Apple for several years updated iPad mini, but stop doing it with the release of iPad mini 4. This model was released in 2015 and is still sold on the company’s website as relevant.

If someone is expecting iPad mini 5 this fall, they should know that new rumors indicate that Apple will no longer release new models of its smaller tablets.

The reason for this approach allegedly lies in the small sales, which in turn is due to older iPhone models. Even with the release of the model iPhone 6 Plus Network to find statistics, which indicate that these smartphones are «bitten» part of the market share from the iPad mini. Over the years, the situation apparently went from bad to worse.

It is unclear exactly when Apple completely stop selling the iPad mini 4, but the new models most likely will not be. At the moment, the tablet is sold at a price of $ 400 for only a version with 128 GB of flash memory, although if you want to get another modem cellular, already have to pay $ 530.



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