Apple winding down sales of expensive smart watches

The market for luxury watches is not waiting for beginners. This is evidenced by the failed attempt by Apple to assert itself in this market expensive versions of smart hours Apple Watch Edition, which cost from 10 000 to 17 000 dollars.

Decorated with precious metals the device quietly disappeared from the manufacturer’s website. Their place was taken by ten times cheaper ceramic version hours.

The failure of Apple was predictable and understandable. People who buy luxury watches, acquire signs of their situation, and not a means to remind you of meetings or gilded fitness bracelet, which he needs daily charging. Mechanical watch whose design has not changed for decades, embody traditions that could not claim electronic device, specifications of which after a few years after graduation will only cause a smile.

Now Apple is betting on another segment — as evidenced by the release version of the Apple Watch the second generation, produced in partnership with Nike.

Source: The Verge



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