Apple will not change the batteries in the headphones AirPods because they are difficult to disassemble and repair the

Wireless headphones Apple AirPods, after a series of transfers and with a decent late compared to the initial terms, yet went on sale before Christmas.

And immediately fell into the hands of specialists iFixit, which dismantled the novelty of copertina, assessing its maintainability. Looking ahead, the headphones for repair. At all. Them impossible to disassemble without damaging the housing. In this regard, the question arises: what is Apple going to replace the batteries, according to the recently published price list? Recall that replacing the battery in one earcup estimated to be $50, and buy a new headset will cost $70.

Anyway, back to iFixit. Describe the process of dismantling it makes no sense, it’s easier to see the pictures.

As you can see, the capacity of the battery in the earpiece is 93 mW·h.

To see the full, albeit tiny, printed circuit Board in the headphones of this type is, of course, unusual. Meanwhile, it contains a chip Apple 343500130 (aka Apple W1), SoC CY8C4146FN Cypress, Maxim audio codec 98730EWJ and chip Texas Instruments TPS743.

To open the dock without risk of being labeled «vandal» also will not work.

It has a battery capacity of already of 1.52 W·h

The result — zero points. Almost any attempt the repair entails the need to literally break the headset or docking station. Hence, we can conclude that Apple is not really going to change the batteries nor there, nor there. Apparently, the company simply will pick up a headset with a dead battery and issue a new for $50. Why not for the same $70 that ask for a new one? Apparently, this is due to the fact that in the case of the Apple «battery replacement» has at its disposal all the electronics inside the headset, which will be put by the user. Then what she will do with it, that we hardly know. By the way, this whole situation explains the high cost of this «repair». Expensive simply because it is not a repair.



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