Apple will no longer brag about the results of sales of new smartphones in the first weekend

Apple yesterday introduced the new iPhone. Liked whether they are users, learn from the next financial report. But now copertina decided to change his own rules.

This applies to sales statistics. Apple has always boasted sales of iPhone for the first weekend. And although this, like all other companies, was shipped to the sellers, the company, every time made a new record than with pride and shared.

However, we now know that Apple will no longer announce the results of the first weekend. The company reports that tell them the data represent deliveries, not actual sales, so that information is not relevant for investors and customers. In this case, Apple is confident that the changes would be «incredibly popular».

One can argue on the topic of the reasons that prompted Apple to change their habits, but most of all, it seems that even the company does not expect the outcome of the first days of sales iPhone 7 some records, and to personally inform the world about what new smartphones are sold worse than the old copertina understandably don’t want to.



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