Apple will make the iPhone 8 is similar to the first iPhone

On the iPhone 8 already walks a lot of rumors. The bulk of the talking about the AMOLED screen and no Home button. A new report clarifies the nuances regarding the design.

Oddly enough, the source says that the new Apple will be similar to the first model of iPhone. Of course, this does not mean a fat body and a tiny display. Said about the design of «water droplets» that will be a tribute to the smartphone that changed the market, and the world too. Moreover, this year the first iPhone was 10 years old.

The back side will cover «three-dimensional glass» material that will create the illusion of a certain curvature of the surface. This will be done for the reason that due to the small thickness of the shell of modern smartphones to create curves, as in the first iPhone, it is impossible. In the end, the iPhone 8 will be similar to the existing Apple devices.

Also, the source agrees with the view that the smartphone display will be flat.



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