Apple will invest in the expansion of data center in Reno $ 1 billion

According to the source, Apple is without problems has received the approval of the city Council of Reno in additional investments in the data center, located in the city. The sum of investments — 1 billion.

However, Apple did not want to just extend the native object. Instead it requested from the city a permit for the acquisition of land (instead of rent), as well as the particular way managed to reduce the sales tax from 2% to 0.5%.

In law Apple had, among other things, to pay a tax of 2% of the cost of equipment needed to operate the data center. However, the company agreed with the city Council about the purchase of the land and open a warehouse. The fact that this site is located in the tourist area of the city, and so each of the Apple is relevant to the improvement of tourism in Reno. In this case, the law allows you to reduce the tax rate from 2% to 0.5%. By the way, the purchase of land and construction of a warehouse will cost Apple $ 4 million. An Apple representative assured that it will be the most beautiful building in the County.

As for the datacenter, through the process of construction will create 300 temporary jobs, and 100 jobs will be available after the launch of the facility.



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