Apple will introduce augmented reality technology in iPhone 8, and later there will be a corresponding points

Apple have repeatedly stated their interest in augmented reality technology, but we also heard various rumors about how the design will appear on the market.

According to Bloomberg, Apple formed part of a large team of hundreds of professionals who work with augmented reality technology. The source claims that the first developments will make their debut in the new iPhone.

In particular, we are talking about the camera of the smartphone, which will allow you to change the focus point after the picture (this was implemented in Huawei P9, which was released a year ago). In addition, the chamber will highlight a person or object in the picture and then edit it, for example, to rotate at a certain angle. Also augmented reality technology will allow you to add images of virtual objects and effects.

Later Apple plans to release glasses with augmented reality technology, which we wrote about back in November of last year, and then recalled them this year.



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