Apple will increase the speed of wireless charging new iPhone through software updates

As you know, the new Apple iPhone has received support wireless charging (Qi). However, its own wireless charging station in copertina come out until next year, so the company offers to use third-party.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus support the slowest option Qi, implying the possibility of transferring up to 5 watts of power. In this case, those charging stations, that recommends that Apple itself is able to transmit up to 7.5 W, and Qi specification 1.2 making it possible to transfer 15 watts of power.

According to the source, the technical novelties of Apple able to charge this way faster than now. It says that the manufacturer will increase the charging rate by updating the software, but it is not known when this will happen.

It is also unknown how increased charging speed. Of course, buyers of new products Apple, especially iPhone X for over 1000 dollars, I would like to devices supported by latest Qi standard, allowing to charge the device fast enough.



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