Apple: «We didn’t even try to place the scanner Touch ID in the iPhone X»

The last year the Network Vitali different rumors about where it might be the fingerprint sensor Touch ID smartphone. As you already know, Apple has abandoned its use in favor of scanning system entities users Face ID.

Sources reported that the fingerprint scanner can move to the rear panel under the power button of the smartphone or even under the surface of the screen. However, Apple senior Vice President Dan Riccio (Dan Riccio) completely denied these rumors.

«I heard these rumors that we couldn’t get Touch ID to work properly through the smartphone screen, so refused the scanner,» said he in answer to the question, did Apple make some global adjustments to the design at later stages.

According to him, Apple knew that technology Face ID will be a far better solution than Touch ID. Therefore, all efforts were aimed at improving the performance of Face ID, when Apple didn’t even try to place the scanner Touch ID in any place iPhone X.



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