Apple Watch NikeLab version of smart hours Apple Watch Series 2 monochrome style

Nike and Apple have released a brand new version of smart hours Apple Watch Series 2. Like last time, the new model received its own name: the Apple Watch NikeLab.

By the way, NikeLab — the name of the new innovative collaborative platform. As for smart watches, their appearance is easier to appreciate on the images. As you can see, they are made in monochrome style that makes them stand out on the background of the previous Apple Watch Nike+.

As before, in addition to appearance this version is distinguished by pre-defined services from Nike for athletes. Buy this release will be April 27 at the Nike website. Cost not yet named, but she probably will match the previous versions. Over the 38-millimeter modification will ask for about $ 370, and 42-millimeter — $ 400.



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