Apple was testing a MacBook Pro with Intel Kaby Lake Refresh

Apple has updated its MacBook Pro notebooks (and not only them) in early June. And in late August, Intel introduced the eighth-generation CPU Core in mobile processor Refresh Kaby Lake, which in the lines of Core i5 and Core i7 with a TDP of 15 watts got four cores.

It was already clear that soon we can expect another update laptops Apple, during which all models again will replace the CPU. And judging BY Geekbench, the update is not far off.

In this test, the results of a MacBookPro 14,1, equipped with CPU Intel Core i5-8250U. A Junior from new products operating at frequencies of 1.6-3.4 GHz. The test results are of little interest to us now as the fact that the name of a test sample supposedly indicates a 14-inch screen. It is highly doubtful that Apple will release such a device, so it’s probably just a bug.

But when to wait for the release of the updated mobile PC, is unclear.



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