Apple warns that the display of the iPhone X may «burn out»

On Apple’s official website published information, relating to OLED display, which first appeared in the smartphone iPhone family.

Apple warns that under certain angles the colors and shades on the screen can change, this is a normal feature of the OLED technology that has been emphasized already in the first reviews of the iPhone X.

Apple claims that the Super Retina display is the best in the industry, it is designed to minimize the possibility of «burnout», which is also characteristic of OLED technology. However, under certain scenarios, the risk of «burnout» remains. For example, long-term demonstration of the static, high-contrast images.

Apple recommends that you use the automatic level control of brightness, to shorten the time to auto lock of the phone, and regularly update your software smartphone. All this will help extend the life of your smartphone display.

Tim cook said that it is enough to give up a few cups of coffee a week to afford the iPhone X.



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