Apple wants to join the «winner» and Bain Capital provides $ 3 billion for membership in the consortium, which would buy part Toshiba

As you know, Toshiba has signed a Memorandum of understanding with Bain Capital Private Equity — a leading member of the consortium, which plans to buy the semiconductor business of the Japanese giant.

This consortium also includes SK Hynix, the Fund Innovation Network Corporation and the Bank Development Bank of Japan. The exact amount of the transaction is unknown, but earlier this consortium talked about 22.3 billion dollars.

According to the source, the consortium wanted to join Apple. The company allegedly offered Bain Capital $ 3 billion for participation in the team. Perhaps this explains the increase in the amount that the consortium is willing to pay for business Toshiba.

Of course, assuming that the deal will be made and Apple will take part in it, she’s not got any substantial part of the assets of Toshiba. But the deal is important for Apple, as the company uses flash memory of the Japanese giant, and too strong reliance on Samsung for Apple is a minus.

Interestingly, earlier it was rumored that Apple will participate in the auction with Foxconn, but copertina apparently decided to wait until Toshiba decides, and then try to join the «winner.»



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